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The Colibri Badges – defined standards ably demonstrated

colbronzeIn celebrating skills in navigation and precision flying, the prestigious, internationally-recognised Colibri badges are a perfect fit for the tasks routinely set in the Nationals Competition. In fact, every pilot successfully competing in a UK National Competition should automatically qualify for a Bronze Colibri Microlight Award by the time they head home!

That’s why the organisers of each of the UK National Rounds are committed to making sure that their task catalogue fulfils the minimum requirement of the Colibri scheme. In essence, all you need is 20 hours and 50 logged flights solo, three good powered-precision-landings, one good engine-off / throttle-fully-closed precision landing from 1,000 ft, and two cross country flights of more than 1 hour with a designated outlanding.

Come along and compete and we'll make sure the tasks that are set will fulfil the detailed FAI criteria. We’ll help you with the paperwork and you’ll go away with a successful start to your own Colibri Challenge.

And, we’ll publish the names here of every Colibri winner as the season progresses.

Pilot Competition Venue Colibri Level
Tim Burrows WMPC 2016 Gold
Colin Johnson WMPC 2016 Silver
Emily Hodgson WMPC 2016 Silver
Edward Warnell WMPC 2016 Bronze
Terry Cook Witnessed by Official Observers Bronze
Phil Evans Witnessed by Official Observers Bronze
Chris Levings Witnessed by Official Observers Bronze



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