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Monday, 07 April 2014 17:13

fb 140fb 140Getting more Sociable!

Although the Comps group has relied on the Yahoo group until now to keep everyone informed, it does not appear to be the most reliable means of communication for many. Given that one of its uses has been for comp organisers to give the last-minute YES/NO decision for a weekend's comp, missing or late messages are not helpful.

For 2014, it's been suggested that we try some more up-to-date platforms. So, for those active on Facebook, I have set up a Microlight Comps page that you can befriend (a bit bare at the moment but bear with me). And, there's also a new Twitter acount that you can follow.

I'm hoping that we can use the broadcast feature of both platforms to provide a reliable facility working alongside Yahoo. Also, since almost everyone has a mobile phone these days, following Microlight Comps on Twitter will give organisers a really simple and quick way to send out info on the eve of their comps.

Check out both pages now.

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Tuesday, 24 December 2013 17:13

calendar-20142018 Calendar

As usual, the 2018 calendar is looking strong and ends with the World Microlight Championships in August.

There's also a particularly popular return match with the French microlighters at the intentionally informal "Franglais Friendly". Everyone wishing to particate is bound to recieve a warm welcome from our French hosts and a great dose of sunshine in Banadets, deep in the south of France and close to the Pyrenees and Spanish border.

The dates have been confirmed - so get yourself registered!

Check your diary now at the 'Events' page.

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Friday, 01 March 2013 12:05

bmaalogoBMAA Cross-Country Challenge launches!

March 1, 2013 : The BMAA has announced that it is replacing the USSR competition with the Cross-Country Challenge, which will run throughout the spring and summer.

The CCC is a cross-country league for out-and-return flights with an overnight stop. Unlike the USSR, it is not limited to a particular section of the microlight community but open to both regulated and de-regulated microlights and paramotors, which will fly as three different classes:


  • Regulated microlights, which will operate a handicap system based on their published performance
  • Deregulated microlights, un-handicapped
  • Paramotors, un-handicapped.

Competitors will be able to fly as many times as they wish during the year with their three best scores counting towards their overall score. There will also be a fixed task based on the same principle, which will coincide with a non-flying event so that there’s entertainment even if it isn't flyable.

Included in the entry fee will be a prestigious prize-giving event in the winter months to celebrate the season’s achievements.

For more details, check out the Cross-Country Challenge web page - then just sign-up and go flying!

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Thursday, 24 January 2013 23:02

Welcome to 2013

FlexwingHi - and welcome to 2013 where the Calendar is starting to take shape.

At the moment we have 4 UK rounds scheduled, starting with the "Over Farm expedition to Cornwall" event starting on the 25th May. Everyone was really looking forward to this novel event when it was first planned in 2012 - three days over a Bank Holiday weekend starting in Gloucestershire and flying to Cornwall and back taking in the fantastic scenery on the way. Rob Keene was even talking in whispers about swimming pools and sea bathing, so it is not to be missed!

Why not check out the Calendar now for details of this and all the other UK rounds.

If you want to have a go at a comp we have some helpful 'How To' articles. For an idea of what to bring, have a look at the 'First Competition' article written by Tim Burrow. You may also wish to check out the latest article. Submitted by Laurie Hurman it's all about How to Fly at a Constant Groudspeed - one of the skills that is called upon in every competition.

Remember - at every event there are always experienced flyers happy to give you a helping hand with any of the tasks.

If you then fancy coming to one - or more - of the events, you can register from this website automatically. As the event approaches, you'll see a link to the Registration Form on the individual event page. Just fill in a few details and that's it!

Naturally, everyone flying in the UK National Championship is eligible to fly for the British Team in the 2013 European Microlight Championships in August. This time they will be held at Kamenica Nad Cirochou in Slovakia, with the team departing over the weekend of August 3rd and returning on August 18th/19th. Think of it as a fortnight's holiday with 40 hour flying thrown in AND the chance of a medal!

Even if you just fancy joining us on a sociable European trip this Summer, why not check out the location and put it in your diary now? You'll be assured of a very warm welcome.

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Sunday, 12 August 2012 10:51

Sunday morning, Marugan.

All. In my last message when I said all of the 3 axis aircraft were back flying what I meant is that all of the 3 axis aircraft in our team, that are to fly in competition, are back to flying condition. Len and myself are here in ground based roles and our aircraft are still awaiting repairs. Len is our team catering department and I am chief gofer. The flexwings are also back to full strength of 5.

The first task is under way this morning, a precision navigation with powered deck landing. We don't know what the task entails as the aircrews were made to do their planning in a quarantine area, with their aircraft and were issued the task in sealed envelopes at 2 minute intervals. They were then to fly without delay 40 minutes later. All I know is that the task is 190km and they want me to video the landings in case their is any dispute over landing scores.


Saturday Morning.

We have suffered what can only be described as a disaster. Yesterday afternoon, after the second practice task was run, a tornado swept through the GB Team camping and aircraft parking areas. Firstly, nobody was hurt beyond a few bruises. If it had happened in the night the picture would have been very different.

The team marquee collapsed and then its remains were picked up and twisted through 90 degrees and deposited on many of our personal accommodation tents. My tent, Len and Malcolm's large tent and Chris and Claire's large tent were totalled and several others suffered some damage but remain about usable. The team marquee has been completely mangled, there is barely a single straight pole left. The Spanish are organising someone to take away the remains.

Just downwind of the campsite the organisers had provided a row of 6 metre square marquees for the teams to use as they wish. Our one broke free and flew, complete with some of its frame tubes, right through our aircraft park doing damage to 5 or 6 of our aircraft.

Rob Grimwood's is the only 3 axis aircraft to be undamaged.

Dave Robbins Ninja seems to have suffered just a bent tube in its fin but they are busy stripping it down to inspect more thoroughly, they will almost certainly be flying the competition tasks.

Chris Wills has two large holes through his fuselage fabric, both ailerons damaged, stress and dent marks in his fibre glass cowlings and sundry other scuff marks and dings. They are busy evaluating the extent of the damage and the potential repairs that can be carried out on site. He may still be able to fly in the competition, fingers crossed.

Len's Skyranger has suffered the least damage, just a few fabric scuffs and a small tear to the fuselage fabric coverings.

My Foxbat has suffered the most damage. I have dented and ruptured fin skins (aluminium), two badly damaged flapperons, punctured wing fabric and broken wing rib, buckled trailing edge spar on one wing and various dents and scuffs to the fuselage metalwork. I won't be flying anywhere anytime soon.

Two of our flexwings have some damage, one a bent hang bracket which has now been replaced and the other suffered from a few bent/buckled battens. We think new battens can be arranged in time for the competition flying.

The other teams have been brilliant, rallying round and finding us tents they can manage without. The Israeli team have provided us with a 3M by 6M tall tent which we have set up the remains of our kitchen equipment in. Breakfast was served this morning, late, after all of our equipment needed to be washed up first. The tornado brought just enough rain to soak everything and then blew dust and straw over the whole area leaving everything brown and gritty. At least the urn is still working so we can make tea and coffee as we need.

The opening ceremony is going to be at 6pm today. We all have our team shirts at the ready.


Friday morning.

Yesterday was a free day from the competitors point of view. Some did a bit of local flying while others practiced their spot landings some more. One or two went to Segovia for the day.

The organisation here is a bit odd. The competitors rules say "no noise in the campsite after 2330hrs. This does not stop the airfield operator blasting music till all hours from the open air poolside bar area. It went on till 4 in the morning on Sunday night and a more civilised 2 in the morning on Wednesday. Last night it was looking to do be doing something similar until one of the ladies in our party told the DJ, in no uncertain terms to "switch it off". I heard a sudden cessation of noise followed by a big cheer from several areas of the site and then blissful quiet.

This morning they are running a practice limited fuel task. Competitors have to show up with their aircraft drained of fuel to a holding area by 0800hrs. Flying to commence from 0900hrs. This has caused breakfast chaos, Len doesn't know who wants feeding before 0800hrs or who will wait for later.

For those that are interested, the scores for the tasks can be found at;




Last night blew up a bit of a hooley causing most of us to lose some of our beauty sleep. At 3 am there were people from most teams busy checking their aircraft were still tied down and facing into the wind.
Today has been hot verging on wilting. The pool is cold but quite welcome.

Organised flying.

There was a practice task this evening, largely to test the organiser's ability to plan, brief, run, score and rate a bunch of competitors. The task description was published on the competition intranet site this morning. A fairly basic navex followed by a power on precision landing. The operational briefing was at 5pm for the team leaders followed by a GB team brief in our marquee at about 6pm. The take off time was from 7pm in a first come first served order.

Our chef was fore-warned and prepared our evening meal to sit at 9.30pm.

We have reviewed the video I took of all of our team's precision landings. One or two people need to practice their "spots". We are waiting for the organisers to score the downloads from the GPS trackers carried by each aircraft.

Between organised stuff our competitive chaps are busy calibrating their fuel flow charts to suit the local conditions. Starting from an airfield at 3080 ft amsl and with temperatures in the 30's does change the best economy rpm and consequently the best airspeed for flight.

Richard R is organising a meal in the village, for the whole GB crowd, for Friday evening, having found a restaurant with a function room big enough for the 30 plus of us.

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Wednesday, 01 February 2012 13:39


As part of our ongoing effort to encourage wider participation in microlight competition, it has been decided that members of the British Microlight Team will be available to speak at your local club meeting.

A representative competition pilot will lead a short presentation regarding what competitions are all about, as well as methods of improving flying and navigation skills. They may also have some entertaining stories about what goes on between flights, depending on how drunk they get!

For more details, or to book a speaker for your club event, please contact John Waite on

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Wednesday, 25 January 2012 14:08

THE 2012 SEASON After a successful meeting at Deddington over winter, the National competitors have recognised a need to make some changes to the competition format in order to dispel some myths surrounding competition flying. It is our hope that these changes will make competition flying more rewarding and inclusive for all pilots & their families. The aim is to introduce (and keep) many more pilots in the competition scene than have been attending over the last few years, not only to encourage more people to take part in these fun events, but also to produce a bigger pool of pilots willing to be considered for team selection and international competitions.

These changes include (but are not limited to):-

  • Allowing use of GPS systems to help with navigation (albeit at a small penalty to scores)
  • Simpler and more forgiving navigation tasks, with easier photos for spotting
  • More forgiving penalties for poor groundspeed prediction
  • A percentage penalty for failing to stop in 100m deck on spot landings (previously it was a 100% penalty as you were deemed to have fallen off the aircraft carrier and into the sea!)
  • More help & advice for newcomers to the sport (including regular debriefings by the task winners)
  • This website, in order to act as a central resource for anyone interested in competition flying

Please do come along to one or more competitions this year; check out the Calendar for the latest dates. If you have any questions at all, do contact the organiser of the specific round you are thinking of attending- they will be sure to make you feel welcome!


Web Master - John Waite, Publicity/Press - Dave Broom, BMAA/FAI Representative - Rob Grimwood,
Events Calender - Mary Russell, Colibri Awards - Chris Draper, Rules/Regulations - Richard Rawes,
British Team Leader - Rob Grimwood, Event Organisers - as calender